Thursday, May 22, 2014

this week's ups & downs

Although this week is not over yet, I have to make a quick look back and keep track of it's good & bad days, or in other words: my up's and down's of the week

+ my statistics seminar is amazing and better than I thought. the professor is really engaged and can teach the most complex things in an easy way. so happy about that!
+ I had my first scoop of watermelon icecream this year at danube canal. There will be a three day festival as well in the next few days, named Kanaltreiben. Looking forward to see some free shows!
+ Soaking up the sun & good weather outside
+ bought two new pair of sandals today (which means they are really cheap and probably will color my feet after wearing them at really hot days, but I don't care, I think they look really cute)
+ had the first outdoor barbecue of this Summer with some Erasmus guys and some friends yesterday night on danube island (next to the danube river): yummy & funny. More of those nights, please!

- University STRESS is sucking the relaxed life modus out of me. The big exams are hovering around the corner and I tell myself to drink less coffee and study more, but it's hard these days ... due to the heatwave I rather spend my time outside at the danube island (Donauinsel) or in front of our appartment in a big park... eating icecream or drinking iced coffee latté with friends.
I am keen on finishing my degree as soon as possible, but at the same time I don't want to put myself under too much pressure. I am still human, not a robot. So a litte bit of studying & a little bit of play will have to work, it's all about balance!
- all the series finales were so sad! Grey's Anatomy and The Originals was an epic cryfest, literally. I will miss Christina in GA so much :(
- the handymen beneath our appartment started drilling and hammering away at 7 in the morning every day this week. I hope they will be finished with their renovation work soon!

What about your week? What were your high's and low's, your best moments or worst ones? Tell me! I'm curious! :)

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  1. I've had a bit of a non-week, I've just done a lot of work. I found an awesome cafe today and just wrote a song so I'm happy, but my eyes hurt, so I guess that is my high and low of right now!


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