Thursday, May 15, 2014

15 facts about me

1] I love eating breakfast in bed, although I have sleeping on toast crumbs afterwards.

2] When I was 12 years old I went to my first riding class. I had so much fun and the teacher even told me I was talented - I didn't believe him! So the next time I went there, I took a camera with me and filmed him saying that I was talented. I showed it to my mum at home, but she still did not let me continue with my new found hobby. Tragedy!

3] The first CD I bought myself was Britney Spears' first album. The first CD I got as a present was from a guy (!) the Backstreet Boys album. Can you tell I am a kid of the 9o's?

4] My favorite band is Mando Diao. They are from Borlänge. Same town as the guys from The Lance, who I once helped planning a tour for.

5] I am language obsessed. My mother tongue is German, I speak and write English like it's been my 2nd language and I had four years of studying French in school. I know also some basics of Spanish and Swedish.

6] If someone reads a newspaper I bought before I have, I don't want to read it anymore and feel like they have taken the "new-ness" out of it :S

7] My favorite time of the year is Summer. Sunshine, icecream, the beach, what else do you need?

8] I prefer seminars to lectures, because I love working on my own more than just listening to somebody talking or worse, reading words of a powerpoint presentation.

9] I have a coffeine addiction, even though I can only drink one cup or else I get really aggressive and nervous.

10] My favorite song at the moment is Oceans by Coldplay. When they played the song for the first time live on bbc radio 1 live lounge, I was in the library studying. In a study break my friend asked me why I was smiling all the time. - "Coldplay played a new song!" - enough explanation.

11] I live in a shared flat appartment with two other students in the center of Vienna.

12] My first music crush was Robbie Williams. I still like his live shows and won't forget his open air show last Summer in Krieau, Vienna. When the sun went down and the stars came out, it didn't feel like an audience of 50.000 people. More like one big wave of sympathy, melting in the dark.

13] Last year I worked in a real photography studio and fulfilled myself a dream. Unfortunately, it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. (But I really enjoyed learning some good retouching tricks and the guys I worked with over there. We basically kept the business running.)

14] When I first met J (my boyfriend), I thought he was from Germany, because of his accent. Turns out he is Swedish and speaks German really well. ;)

15] I want to study abroad for my Masters' degree next year. Still have to find out, what and where.


  1. I'm planing to do a post like this soon! Such a good way to get to know people. The story about riding is really sad - did you ever take it up again! Also I find it so impressive when people can speak more than one language so I'm in awe of both you and your boyfriend with your impressive language skills. I can barely cope with one… XX

    1. I am always so nosy & I love lists, so you def have to make a post like this :) Can't wait!
      Well, my mum really made a big impression on me, when she showed me several news articles about girls who >died< when riding a horse ... I never went back again :( (I have thought about picking it up again in the future, though. Not possible at the moment, in Vienna you only have horses in front of carriages in the old town or in the famous Vienna Spanish Riding School)
      Aww, thank you, that is very sweet of you to write! -- Is your mother tongue English? I have the hypothesis that if you grew up in England or France, chances are high that you don't learn a second languge. Why? Because English is a world language. Oh and French, well you know, they love their language to the extreme that even tourists struggle to get some coffee in Paris ;)
      My problem with language nowadays is that I want to speak them "perfect to a T", which means I would like to live in the country where they are speaking the language for a few months. But hell, I can't move across Europe all the time ^^ (Well, in my dreams ...) Swedish is on top of my list, though. I will go in more depth about this in Summer, I think!

      Thanks for your nice comment! xx

  2. I love reading posts like this, really gives me a feel for the blogger! I too love languages, but i don't speak nearly as many as you, how impressive! Vienna looks like an amazing city, you are very lucky to live there xx

    Little Blue Backpack

    1. I love list writing as much as list reading, I guess the >list< is a magical form of win/win situation :D
      Well, I don't speak all of them as much as German and English, but somebody is a bit language nerdy over here :) I will definitely make more posts about Vienna soon, promise!

      Thanks for your lovely comment!


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