Monday, May 19, 2014

#collect:design I want

My interior design project is stuck in a hopeless procrastination session, so I have to find another outlet for inspiration ... already great designs! & yes. I am "one of those people" who can stare at a beautiful object or chair for hours while others would just pass by without noticing its beauty. nerd alarm! :-)

The CH88 dining chair by Danish designer Hans Wegner was created in 1955, but never produced. Now it is produced and available to buy. ( Perfect for stacking, I'd love to have 4 of those, please! 

Next on my list is a beautifully crafted whiskey glass. I am a sucker for all things geometric and crossed lines. Design by Stefan Scholten & Baijings (Milan 2014):

Eoos Joco have designed the perfect sidetable, in my oppinion. Simple and black.

Kawamura Ganjavian has designed the "Oyster": a foldable felted seat that is intended to bring a touch of cosiness to sleek, modern furniture.

Last, but not least on this week's list is the wooden stationary set by Tofu. Especially love the bowl on the top left, just for the sticky tape! :)

>> Which design things are you currently hunting for? Do any of these things tickle your fancy?


  1. Ok, I need to have the wooden stationary set and the foldable seat!

    1. definitely, especially the wooden stationary, it's sooo perfect and neat :)

  2. Don't worry, I'm one of those people who can stare at an lifeless object
    for hours as well haha, loooove that foldable chair!
    //REPLY: yup I've made my background layout c: Xx

    1. Hurray, I'm not alone with that obsession :D cheers to that!


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