Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hail the sunny days

Share some thoughts for all the pretty people 
Bless the gods and all the wealthy fellas 
See how they run, see how they try to give their best for all our beauty 
They wear dignity like the falling angels,
Proper shoes and the velvet trousers 
We were tramps and whores who gathered around 
Let's shed a tear for those who's crying oh no 

And there ain't no shame 
Everybody's waiting for a sunny day 
Everybody gets their shot of being someone 
So use your sunny day 
This is  my favorite November track of all time. It's by the Swedish band called "Mando Diao". There's another story behind this, because it has helped me battling the dull, white grey days (not only in November) many times. Combine this with a hot soy chai latte or a simple green tea and I am in a good mood :)

At the moment my head is stuck in an apparent endless summary of cognitive psychology 2, the subject I have to take a MC-exam including open questions in two days. Plus, tomorrow I have a short exam at 8.45 im the morning. And another exam next Friday. Exams all around.
Probably should have saved myself some trouble and do things the other way round - but last year I was so keen on writing my BA thesis already and now all that's left for me is ti pass the rest of MC exams I have left to get my degree - next Spring, if all goes well.

On a more positive note: I'm going to Sweden for Christmas and New Year's Eve this year! J and I already have our flight tickets, we only have to agree on our travel route. I would love to spend NYE in Stockholm again, but we also want to spend some time Uppsala and Malmö and Copenhagen. I am so looking forward to meet J's family again, including his sister, her boyfriend and their newborn daughter. Definitely have to refresh my Swedish vocabulary before we go. "En kopp kaffee tack."

What I am currently obsessing about:
- baking chocolate chip cookies
- The Mindy Project (the current season)
- Taylor Swift
- the LINE mobile app
- sitting in front of the light box (without it, I'd fall asleep at 4 in the afternoon ... I mean, it gets dark by  5 *sigh*)

What do you enjoy in these cold November days? Let me know in the comments down below :)

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