Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Blogging Bowels

I am sorry for my lack of posting, but I am stuck in blogging bowels.
Or in other words: I have lost direction.
I am no news editor, I am no beauty or fashion junkie, I am not interested in digging through superficial topics, I am no graphic designer, I am no mummy blogger - so what is there left for me? Is the blog form itself wrong for me?
Maybe it is.

Lately, I have been more consumed by my upcoming exams and future worries and at the same time there is this big longing to just be offline. To disconnect from the daily "fake social mass media". The way I have been blogging before was not what my heart was in for. It was just blogging for the sake of saying "I am blogging" - and that's no fun, believe me. Hence, the lack of posting.

Also, I find that the blogging community has changed. I was part of livejournal in the 2000's, I was part of forums and even blogspot around 2011/12. But lately, all signs seem to go into the wrong direction. "How to make my blog profitable", "How to make money with blogging" are some of the most searched how to's in google. Did blogging itself turn to the dark side - or vice versa - did companies and pr agencies destroy the openness of the blogging community? I don't know.
All I know is that I don't want to be part of an "it crowd" for sake of "being something" better. I am not better than anyone else, I don't love my mirror face than the average person and I certainly don't give a penny about my coolness. I am nerdy, I am average and I love connecting with real people.

In conclusion, maybe blogging is just not for me. Or I just have not found the right drawer, the right place, the right topic to blog about. Or I am just stuck in a washing machine full of ideas and somebody turned the spin cycle on.

This blog might turn into something different from tomorrow onwards. I want to break free from all the stupid blogging guides and how to's and start over. Or decide to step away.

I will let you know.

// Isa

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