Thursday, October 9, 2014

Let's go to the cinema ...

I've always considered myself being a "bookworm" or a "photography addict", but I tend to forget or embezzle my love for movies and the big screen. If you want to sum it up, I am in love with telling stories. The way a movie can suck you in and let you see things a certain character sees or think new things is unique to it's genre, but also more limited and 'neat' than a book or a photography exhibition.

Since my first movie I've ever seen (I think it was Disney's "The Junglebook") many years have passed and of course, I have seen many more movies. My favorites are biopics, book-to-screen adaptions and dramas or comedies. But I have no 'classic preference'. The only genre I rarely get into is horror movies or (I'm a scarecrow!). One of my favorite movies of all time is The Aviator made by Martin Scorsese, one of my favorite movie directors. I also like Woody Allen's films and I adore everything Richard Linkslater takes on.

Traditionally, every year at the end of October/beginning of November the Vienna film festival called 'Viennale' is held and various old cinemas in town show a wide range of indie movies, old movies, new movies or documentaries. Basically, a movie-mecca for my heart.
Tickets will be sold starting on 18th of October and they sell out pretty fast. Definitely have to note this down in my filofax.

Here I have made a little list of films I really want to see this year:
-) 20,000 Days on Earth
This one is a documentary about Nick Cave, singer and songwriter. Do I need to say anything more? The trailer itself is brilliant, I cannot wait to see this!! #excited

-) National Gallery
A documentary about one of London's best and one of the world's most famous galleries.

-) ADIEU AU LANGAGE 3D by Jean-Luc Godard (A cinematic GENIUS. Add him to my lists of myfavorite directors. Best french movie director, I think!) I don't like 3D movies, because I tend to get sea sick in them (no joking), but I have to give this a shot!

-) Turist
A few of you might know that my boyfriend is Swedish and has spent a few days back home during the Summer. When he came back to Vienna, he told me all about this 'Nordic movie'. I forgot the title, but I found it on the list of the Viennale program. According to J, this captures "Swedishness" perfectly. Definitely have to watch this!! :)

-) Love is Strange
A gay couple in New York finally can marry each other - but one of them who is a teacher at a catholic school, George, gets fired due to this. Now they have money problems, they have to sell their appartment and find a new place to live. #mustsee I have heard and read so many good things about this movie, plus there can never be enough LGBT involved stories on screen in my eyes :)

[The complete Viennale program can be found here (click me!)]

  I can't wait for the film festival to start. My inner movie nerd is gonna jump with joy! ;)
Meanwhile, here are my tea questions for you guys:

* Have you ever been to a film festival?

* Which was the last movie that had a long lasting impression on you? Which movie made you think about things differently?

>> Please let me know in the comments down below, thanks!

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