Thursday, July 3, 2014

Semester's over & Summer's here

Hello there, I'm still aliiive!

Sorry for the long blog break, but these last exams of the Summer semester were crazy in terms of quantity of literature and professor demands ... Unfortunately, I didn't pass all of them and have to take some of them again in January next semester, but hey! I tried my best!

Last weekend I spent watching all my time studying & watching the Glastonbury Festival live stream from BBC online. Did anyone else do that? The 1975 did such a great show, I was so proud of them. I saw them some years ago in a small club and I am so happy for their big success. Lykke Li's performance was also one of my favorite, as well as Lana del Rey's, HAIM's and Jack White's shows.

Now it's time to enjoy a few little things I had no time to do for the past few weeks, like ...
- meeting old friends and chatting the nights away
- bingewatching Orange is The New Black season 2 with my boyfriend (SO obsessed with this show!!)
- strolling around in my favorite park without study cards in my hands
- swimming, going to exhibitions and concerts
- reading books and magazines not related to my studies / no study literature for some time
- enjoy living on my own in the shared flat appartment (both my roommates are from Germany, Munich. They'll stay with their parents for the whole Summer, so I got all the space to myself ... yay!)

Next week I have a "one day internship" with a neuropsychologist and I am extremely excited about that. My interests in psychology are so vast, which is not very helpful for choosing my future Masters or PHD education. As long as I am not done with my Bachelor degree, I will not worry too much, though. There's still a lot of life experiences out there to catch up with :)

P.S.: Am I the only one being extremely careful to spell correctly in my text messages? It takes me way longer than my younger sister, who just writes without thinking about commas or the spelling of certain words...

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