Monday, April 21, 2014

Go get 'em, goal getter!

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Just jump right into it. I have so many goals and dreams, ideas and interests that I decided to start a blog of my own to collect it all together in one place. In hope of finding some peace of mind and some like minds along the way.

This month I want to focus on some very important goals & some not so important, but worth trying, secondary goals, which go hand in hand:

-) Stay focused at Uni work. Pass 2 big exams in beginning of May.
-) Don't be afraid of making new friends. You are a fun person to be around, come on!
-) Make a timetable for my extra online curriculum & hand in the first assignment at the end of April.

My (secondary) goals
*) Stay healthy & keep exercising up to three times a week.
*) Dare to visit places in the city I live in where I have never been & let your camera be your companion
*) Collect ideas & inspirations for your perfect Summer holiday

Does not seem to be a lot, but it is good to write it down once in a while. I am in the process of finishing my bachelor degree at Uni this year &  I want to try to not forget about my friends and hobbies while being all stressed out with coursework and so on ...

The rest is still unwritten.

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