Friday, April 25, 2014

No fairytale & future wishes

These current days are full of long library studies and grey clouds above us. Every week that passes by, I am one step closer to finishing my bachelor studies. But it's tough.
Our exams exist of multiple choice exams most of the time, no extra points. To say that there was a lot of knowledge that stayed with me after a multiple choice test is a lie. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to be able to study what I want. But I long for doing my masters degree next year.
I wish I could move abroad, do my masters in an English speaking country or another European country with a better University system. Austria is nice to live in and all, but the education system collapses and nobody cares :/ It's really demotivating to be at an University where students are rather numbers than humans.
I want to get done with this bachelor stuff and move on to more exciting studies, where it is not about studying by heart and throwing it up at the next exam, but about gaining life long knowledge and doing research for real and actually learning something for the future.

Due to our future long working life, I rather study a bit longer (if I can afford to) than jumping from part-time job to part-time job. If you don't do a bachelor degree in my field, you don't get a place to work anyway. It's a tough world out there.

This grey/white cloud weather is giving me a headache and makes me a worrysome troll. Excuse me ...
 Let's make some tea, shall we!

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